Kaufmann Spatulas

- high grade stainless steel

- 2-point-welded with 3 years warranty

- safe hold of the handle prevents from twisting

- available with wooden handle or softgrip

Plaster trowel Bern                          Spatula trowel

          Cat's tongue trowel                          Pointed trowel Hamburg

Dutch trowel round                          Dutch trowel pointed

Drywall scraper                                Joint scraper Berlin

Spatula trowel long handle              Tiler's trowel

Corner trowels                                  Plasterer corner trowel

Joint scraper Berlin shape
Platser trowel Bern shape
Corner trowels
Tiler's trowel
Spatula trowel
Spatula trowel long handle
Pointed trowel Hamburg shape
Dutch plaster trowel
Cat's tongue trowel
Plasterer corner trowel
Drywall scraper

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    Joint scraper Berlin shape