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The company Kaufmann GmbH is founded in 1957 from Josef Kaufmann, the grandfather of the present managing director Michael Kaufmann, and starts as a small metalworking company. Primarily pipe clamps for the company Hilti in Liechtenstein are produced.

By end of the 60ies the production of the tools and the aluminium foundry move into a new built production hall. At this time own developed smoothing trowels and tile cutting machines are already successfully produced and distributed.

By beginning of the 80ies the distribution of building and tiling tools in Austria starts. The specialised dealers and the DIY superstores get offered a selected assortment of tools and additional articles. By end of the 80ies another production hall and warehouse is rent.

By beginning of the 90ies Kaufmann starts the own production of mixers.

In the year 2000 a new production line of stainless trowels and spatulas is started. A new attachment building with a dispatch department including 3 packing lines and two truck platforms is opened.

Today Kaufmann employs about 90 persons and has become an important employer in the region. Several social workshops are seamlessly integrated in the production.